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Analysis services

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Our network of experts can help you to solve your research problems.


Measur offers scientific measurements and provides consultation for our customers in universities, industry and research facilities. Through our network of experts, we can measure nearly any property of any given sample. If it’s possible, it’s possible via Measur.

We provide an unparalleled security for the customers’ data. Due to the importance of your samples, we have developed an unique workflow where the acquired data is encrypted in situ into its own flash drive as data accumulates. On top of this, we’re willing to sign NDAs every time customer sees it necessary.

The devices we use are used at the highest level of research, with the results routinely published in highest ranking peer reviewed scientific journals, such as Science and Nature.

We can help you develop your product and measure the properties you need to learn from your product. You can ask us to measure with a device you want, or you can ask our experts to suggest suitable measurements for your needs.


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